Successful Farming Magazine, December 1948

Last weekend the family piled into a truck and headed to an antique store in Greybull. While I forgot to take pictures of anything inside the store (tavern chairs, Hoosier cabinet, maple vanity, OMG) I did pick up a magazine from 1948. Yes, I went to an antique store and only bought a magazine. My life is a banquet.



I had never heard of Successful Farming magazine, but it is still around today. Who knew. Methinks the new issues look a smidge different than the old ones, which were most definitely geared toward housewives.


Even geared toward women, there are still plenty of articles and ads about farming. About hog feeding and renovating an old schoolhouse (they TORE DOWN 14 foot ceilings and replaced them with 8 foot ceilings. I nearly fainted.) and ads for teat dip.

Fun stuff.


One of these bad boys was in there. I have heard of these old Lysol ads but never actually seen one with my own eyes.

Men are the worst. Mostly because you know no woman ever came up with the idea of shoving Lysol up there.

The compulsory hideous Christmas decor, followed by cookies that sound pretty damn good.




And then my favorite ad in the magazine. Rita Hayworth for Lux Toilet Soap.



Being female back in the ’40s sounds exhausting.

Have a good weekend!