Get the Look: Antique Iron Beds, Revisited

Here we go again. Back in 2014 I wrote about affordable, new versions of antique iron beds. (Antique metal bed frames are one of my favorite things. Ever.) While I don’t know if the links are still good in that post, it remains a nice roundup of bed frames.

Our old bed did not come with us to Wyoming. In a typical case of You Get What You Pay For, the bed was not well-built or sturdy. At all. Therefore, it became scrap metal. And once again began the search for an antique-y looking bed frame.

After days of careful consideration, this is the winner.


This bed is built a little better and still has old-timey hospital bed vibes; it also does not require a box spring. As I didn’t feel like buying one, this turned out to be a good thing.


We did, however, have to buy a new mattress. I have never gone mattress shopping before and OH MY SWEET MOSES when did mattresses get so expensive!? The store had two (that’s 2. T-w-o.) mattresses that were under $1k. Most were over $3k. My frugal little heart just about exploded.

While I do realize that mattresses are something you have for 8-ish years and you should therefore spend the money to get a good one, my lord. I’ve owned cars that cost less than some of those mattresses.

Although, if someone wanted to drop $1300 on this Victorian bed, I would accept the gift graciously.


Thankfully I’m not one of those people that decorates based on location. Otherwise I’d have a log bed frame like a g.d. lumberjack or something.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Get the Look: Antique Iron Beds, Revisited

  1. We had to replace our mattress a couple of years ago so I know how expensive they are! We almost fainted at the price tag. All I’m saying is ours better last a good long while and stay comfortable.

    Hope you have good luck on the bed frame you found and it proves to be nice and sturdy. Here’s to nights of sound sleeping.

    1. That’s my fear – you spend that much on a mattress and it goes to hell in 4 years. WHICH I’M SURE WILL NEVER HAPPEN, but still.

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