The Big Move

Last week we packed up all of our crap and headed west. (Not really. Most of our crap was already packed. But the rest is true. And we didn’t go alone, my parents drove all the way to Wisconsin to help us move. I’ll stop talking.)

A lot of people imagine moving and automatically think of either hiring movers or renting a huge moving truck. Most of our stuff was not worth hauling and could be replaced for less money than it would cost to rent a truck. Secondhand furniture, my thrift store dishes, and a lot of other stuff was sold or donated. Everything left was either mailed to my sister for safekeeping or moved in a 12 foot U-Haul trailer.


In hindsight, I cannot say mailing all those boxes was my finest plan. Never, even as an Etsy seller mailing things all over the world, have I had so many boxes get crushed. And I do mean crushed. Like…smushed. Holey. Sides falling apart. Had-to-be-taped-again-somewhere-along-the-line. Media Mail is a great way to ship books and other media (there are restrictions) for a really affordable rate, but one of my boxes of books was opened, everything but the cookbooks were taken out, and one of the cookbooks inside wasn’t even mine.

If someone out there is missing a Cooking Light cookbook…call me.

But anyway. To avoid a snowstorm along I-90 we took I-94 through Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana. (By the way, Minnesota…would it kill you to put road signs, ya know, BEFORE you get to an intersection!?)


North Dakota has a lock on creepy old abandoned buildings. North Dakota also looks exactly like you think it does.




Western North Dakota, by Theodore Roosevelt National Park, is gorgeous.



We rolled into Montana. Also pretty, and the sunset was gorgeous. Coming from a place that’s cloudy most of the winter, seeing a good winter sunset felt pretty nice.

Now the husband and I are here in Wyoming. The dog, who handled the travel like a champ, has settled in nicely. We (the humans) are still unpacking and getting organized, but things are going well thus far.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. So sorry about your crushed boxes and stolen books. That stinks. I’d say something much stronger, but will err on the side of caution. Glad your trip went well as I did wonder about moving in the middle of winter. All the best as you both settle in and begin the next chapter of your lives.

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