This Month’s Books – November 2016

Oh holy lord, where did November go? I haven’t a clue, but then again, I can’t think of anything through my post-Thanksgiving food coma. If I mark the days by books, November seems short. I read several not-so-great ones this month, so gird your loins.



First up we have Wyoming’s Outlaw Trail by Mac Blewer. (Yikes, that name is a little unfortunate.) This is a good, fast read. Nothing too groundbreaking, it just talks about a trail through Wyoming used by outlaws. The book has quite a few interesting Butch Cassidy pictures as well. So if you’re into Wyoming history, this one is a quick read.


My Seinfeld Year by Fred Stoller. I read this because it’s very short and because I love the show ‘Seinfeld’ but this one is a snoozer. It’s about the year Stoller spent working as a writer on ‘Seinfeld’. Fred Stoller is one of those actors that’s been in everything, ever, but he’s rather gloomy about it all. Pass.


I will not lie, I read this one because of the title. The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Rebekah Crane. It’s closer to the truth to say I *tried* to read this one.

No. No no no. I believe this is one of those where the author has never spent much time around teenagers, or if she has, she has a tin ear for language. This is about a girl sent to a summer camp for at-risk teens, and TEENAGERS DO NOT SPEND THIS MUCH TIME COMING UP WITH WITTY REPARTEE.

Also, I don’t think counselors at camps for at-risk teens leave the at-risk teens alone so much, but I digress.


This one I’ve read and talked about before. Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier. Ooh mama I like this one. I read it again this month because I read too many bad books and needed a palate cleanser.

This book is about a scribe, Caitrin, who runs from her abusive family and winds up at Whistling Tor, a castle full of…secrets. This is a good book. Juliet Marillier is a really good author. Just read the darn thing.


A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. If I had read this as a child I would have loved it. But as an adult, I want to punch little Sara Crewe right in the face.

Because even though her father is dead and she’s stuck at a boarding school and has been reduced to becoming a cleaning lady instead of a student, little Sara Crewe is perfect. She does nothing wrong. She is the kindest little girl that ever lived and she irritated me to no end.

That, and when the men across the alley that can see into her attic bedroom (Chester Molester alert) they give her a bunch of nice things, but ignore the poor little girl whose bedroom abuts Sarah’s. Boo. Hiss.


And finally we have Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry. This is the last book published in the Lonesome Dove series but can be read as a stand-alone, so I read it. Only to find out it’s actually the 2nd book when read in chronological order, which may have pissed me off just a smidge because now I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

But it’s a good book. It’s hefty, over 700 pages. The main focus is on a pair of Texas Rangers pre-Civil War, and a little bit during the war. It’s also about all the characters around them, including the woman they love and the men they’re after, including Comanches and the thief Ahumado.

I loved this book. A lot. Even though the women in it are entirely useless, I can still appreciate this book for what it is, a good Western.

And those are the books I’ve read this month. Today is Cyber Monday and I am going to try really hard to not buy 47 books on sale.

Wish me luck.

See you later!

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  1. I started reading hearts blood after you mentioned it here and LOVE it so far! I read a few pages every chance I get between the kids and what not. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. I’m glad you like it! I freaking love that book. Another good one by the same author is “Daughter of the Forest.”

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