How to Make Polymer Clay Bowls

Alrighty. In September I put up a little polymer clay tutorial for adorable pumpkins. While searching around for other things to make, I found this tutorial for bowls from She Wears Many Hats. I sorta kinda followed it. As usual. If you would like to know how to make polymer clay bowls, then read on, my friend.



You’ll need the basics for this DIY: Polymer clay in the color(s) of your choosing, an oven-safe bowl to shape the clay in, a few basic clay tools, and some paint.

I used a small Pyrex bowl. Ignore my over-exposed pure-white hand, there.


This is the clay I used.



I wanted a white bowl with blue swirls, so I used half the pack of white and a small portion of the blue. Roll them into balls…


…and then swirl them together until you get the blue incorporated into the white. This is totally optional, if you’d like a solid-colored bowl, then go for it.


Next, flatten it into a circle. I use a pastry roller, but anything will work. If the shape comes out wonky instead of circular, just trim it. If you want a perfect circle use a guide. Otherwise it will have a free-form shape.

If the clay is rolled really thin it will be flexible after it’s baked. If you want a sturdier bowl, leave the clay thicker.


Place the clay into the bowl. If you like, you can use a ball tool to smooth any rough edges.


Bake according to the package directions. I baked this at 275 F for just shy of 15 minutes. Let it cool in the bowl, then take it out. It won’t stick to the bowl, it will slip right out.


Now for an optional step. I painted the edge of the bowl with metallic paint. Optional, optional. But pretty.



After the paint was dry I coated the entire bowl, front and back, with water-based poly. For me, polymer clay always looks sort of…blah when it comes out of the oven. Giving it a coat of something glossy really brings all the color and detail out.

That’s it. That is how to make polymer clay bowls. (Or, in my case, bowl. I only made one. Anyway.) It’s all done. From start to finish this bowl takes about an hour to make, and that includes cooling and drying times.


See you later!

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  1. What a pretty choice of colors. Love the swirls and the metallic edge gives it a finished look. Very nice.

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