This Month’s Books – July 2016

On Tuesday I was going to bring you another sewing post, and then I screwed it up. Not in a oh that still looks perfectly fine  type of way. More like a mother of God I have to redo this entire thing  sort of way. So until I pull my head out and work on my sewing hangups, I bring you the books I read this month. 
First up we have Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianne Wynne Jones. 
This is one of those books that people of all ages adore. It’s a classic. People love it. It’s about the Wizard Howl and his castle that moves all over the countryside, and about Sophie. Sophie gets cursed by the Witch of the Waste and turns into an old woman. She begins working in Howl’s castle to break the curse, and to find out if it’s true that Howl eats the souls of young girls. Howl, also cursed, leads a crazy life inside the castle, always trying to outrun the Witch, and always flirtin’ with girls.
All of this sounds amazing, and I think I am one of 12 people on the planet that just didn’t like it. I want to like it. I was flabbergasted that I didn’t. I thought Howl was annoying, Sophie was not my favorite, and the most interesting character was the demon in the fireplace.
So. You know. Read it and be one of the 99% that loves it. 
Next is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. 
This one starts out in Barcelona after the Spanish Civil War. A boy named Daniel receives a book by Julian Carax, and soon finds out that someone has been destroying every copy of every book ever written by Carax. From there on it’s supposed to get all suspenseful and whatnot.
Look. I finish damn near every book I start. I can slog through anything, but I could not get through this one. I just couldn’t get into it and thought it was boring. The characters all sound the same, and it took FOREVER for anything to happen. When something finally did happen, it was boring. 
I think people that are a lot smarter than me would probably enjoy this. This is another one of those universally-loved books, and you’d think by now I would be smart enough to steer clear of those, seeing as I don’t usually like them. 
And finally, we have For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund. 
This one is slightly confusing to explain and I am bad with the words-into-sentences thing. (I just tried to explain the world in this book and it was a huge paragraph. So forget it.) It’s a retelling of Persuasion by Jane Austen. In a dystopian future where most people are Luddites. There. Done. 
The heroine is Elliot North, and she runs her family’s estates. Aaaaaand I’m stuck again on trying to explain what happens. THINGS HAPPEN. Her teenage love interest comes back! But he’s not what he seems! Her father is a douche! There’s a secret in the wheat field! 
It was good, but the ending was what I refer to as a belch. Gassy, and then gone. The big conflict just sort of…resolves itself. It was a letdown. 
But the writing was very good, and the author had me in her corner right up until the end. 
Go forth and read. 
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