A Car Show, Weird Dreams, and Other Important Topics

It’s been awhile since I just sat down and spewed out nonsensical garbage for you, so here I am. Making up for lost time.

First things first. On the 9th, my husband and I took his younger brother to a big car show that’s held every year in central Wisconsin.

Can we just talk about this car, please? I know the sun is glinting off the roof, but it says General Grant. IT’S THE GENERAL GRANT. With an American flag on the top. OMG. I died. (No shade on the General Lee, but it’s overdone.)

I didn’t want to be that person lugging around a gigantic camera at a car show, so I thought I’d just snap a few pictures with my phone. Yeah. I took one picture with my phone, and a few hood ornament/emblem pics with my big camera.

And that was it. I am a doofus.

Aside from that, l had a dream that a muskrat came out of a hole in the ground, grabbed onto my ankle, and would not let go. I was walking around everywhere with a muskrat on my leg. (FYI – I wouldn’t know what a muskrat looked like even if one did come out of a hole and grab me.)

While driving one day, I saw someone I’m holding a grudge against and I did not purposely rear-end them. I deserve a cookie for that one.

Our house is for sale. There have been a few more people looking at it, but it usually goes something like this:


Yeah. I’m beginning to think I’m going to live in this house until I’m 60. NOT THAT THAT’S A BAD THING. (That was me, screaming that out to the heavens, trying not to offend the Gods of Karma.)

And that is pretty much that.