Button Down Shirt to Sleeveless Top

Clothing sizes are objective, so when I spotted a plaid shirt at Goodwill that I thought was pretty cute, it didn’t faze me that it was too big. It’s an XXL, and I have a few shirts at home that are XXL and fit like a large, so no big deal. I was very wrong in this instance. This shirt was much baggier than it looked on the hanger. Like a lot baggier. So I busted out the sewing machine and got to work.
After taking an unflattering picture of myself wearing it. Yeesh.



First, I cut the collar and sleeves off using a shirt I already owned as a template.

I wanted the shirt to be loose-fitting and comfortable but not a tent, so I took it in a few inches on either side.



The next problem was that the new neckline was too low, and the arm-holes were too large. To fix it, I shortened the shoulder straps.


Then began the endless hemming. I hemmed the new neckline, and found that it gaped open in the front and back. Darts in the front and back stopped that.
The arm areas also had excess fabric, so I placed a dart under each arm as well.
Then I hemmed the sleeves, and I was done! I left the bottom of the shirt alone, so I didn’t have to do anything to that.



And that’s that. Baggy shirt to cute shirt.

See you later!


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