This Month’s Books – May 2016

Here we go, people. This is not a drill.

Alrighty. To start off the month, I finished a book that I had been reading for months.


America’s Women by Gail Collins.
This was a very good book, and covers the history of American women from Virginia Dare through the 1970s. This book covered so much that I had never heard before, from the Grimke sisters to the women in 18th century New Jersey that had the right to vote until a group of men (they’re the worst) passed a law that prevented anyone who wasn’t a white male taxpayer from voting.
It’s a hefty book, and took me awhile to get through it, but it’s worth a read.
 Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.
Everyone loves this book. Everybody and their mama loves this book. Did I love this book? No. No I did not.
I should like it. Witchy sisters in an old house with a magical garden? That sounds right up my alley. (It also sounds exactly like Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, but that is a discussion for another day.) One sister leaves her abusive boyfriend behind and returns home to live with her sister, who is a caterer. The caterer sister makes people ~feel things~ with her magical ingredients.
So here’s where it lost me. Neither sister is all that likeable. The caterer is a cold fish and the other just seems…weak. The big finish finale was ludicrous. The most interesting person in the book, Evanelle, is not a main character.
The part that really made me want to throw the book involved a magical tree in the backyard. When the tree ends up solving the sisters’ problems, that’s my cue to throw the book. I repeat, THE TREE SOLVES THE PROBLEMS. Oy vey.
To cleanse my palate, I read some Harry Potter after that disaster.
And that was it. This month was light on books, unfortunately, but I shall most likely make up for it next month.
See you later!