Where Am I Ever Going to Wear That, or, Closet Cleaning

While I’m pretty good about getting rid of excess stuff, be it clothing or housewares, for some reason I have a blind spot when it comes to dresses. *They’re so pretty.*  When I realized that I’m hanging onto a dress that I wore one time, in 2011, I knew I had to go through everything.




Round One – These are okay. The top 2 are favorites, and the bottom left is one that I haven’t had a chance to wear yet. The bottom right, however, is one that I made a few years ago. It still has the same problems it had then, gaping and puckering, so it must go.
Also, how white are my legs. Oh my lord. I need self-tanner, stat.



 Okay, this round, not so good. The top two are keepers. The bottom two…girl.
The bottom left is a vintage ’50s dress that…makes me look like a tablecloth. I’ve also had it for (I just looked up the receipt on Etsy and omg, Beth, really!?) 4 years and have never worn it. Bye-bye it goes.
The bottom right makes me look like a Hawaiian souvenir. I did wear this (once) to a high school graduation party. Seeing as that kid is now completing his third year at college…it’s time to go.



Round 3. I love the top left. Keeping it, absolutely. The top right…what. I just bought this at Kohl’s last fall and am left wondering why. The fit is horrible. It clings in all the worst possible places. Why. Whhhhyyyy. Someone take my wallet away.
Bottom left…is horribly static-y. Which is why I’ve worn it once…in the 5 (FIVE) years I’ve had it. This is ridiculous.
Bottom right is one that I like and wear fairly often in the summer, so it stays.
Some dresses aren’t pictured – the ones I wear around the house, and ones that I’ve already featured here on the blog.
There’s the green flight attendant (keeping), the roll of Lifesavers dress (keeping), this weird 60s one (keeping), the blue peplum (keeping) and this blue and white printed dress, also keeping, and the brown polka dot dress, not keeping.
This was the aftermath of all this. 6 are being donated, and 2 are going in the trash because they are either stained or falling apart.


(I am keeping my flapper costume. You can pry that out of my cold, dead fingers. Screw that, bury me in it.)
I thought I’d get rid of 2 or 3 dresses, so 8 is like…overachieving.
That I can get rid of 8 and still have a whole bunch left over is also overachieving.
I’m going to go hide my wallet. See you later!


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  1. I actually like the Hawaiian-souvenir dress, but only if you'd wear it. Otherwise, someone else can enjoy it.

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