Tearing Things Down and Fixing Things Up

(I don’t know why we fix things upward. Fix ‘up.’ Where does that even come from?) Anyway. The weather was gorgeous, then it was cold, and now it’s heading into proper springiness. We’re like farmers over here, everything depends on the weather. But the warm weather means the usual slew of projects around the house and yard.
We (not me) are fixing some spots on the living room ceiling where the drywall tape bubbled up. This means I will have to paint the ceiling at some point in the near future. Woe to me. 
The yard clean-up was mostly completed last fall when we listed the house for sale, but there are still a few things that need to be dealt with. I’ll probably paint the chicken coop again, and there’s still a tiny pile of firewood that needs to be burned in the fire pit. 
But the old chicken coop, the first tarpaper shack chicken coop, is now gone. While it wasn’t in horrible shape, squirrels had built a nest inside it, and it was starting to look really bad. We (not me) took the windows off, peeled the tarpaper off, and…

While the roof was disposed of properly, the rest of it was cut into chunks and burned over the course of a week or so. 

Next up will be re-mulching the flower beds, and of course, painting the damn ceiling in the living room.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Tearing Things Down and Fixing Things Up

  1. Nothing like listing your home for sale to motivate all kinds of projects. Glad your weather is improving. It's amazing how quickly the leaves filled in here. Gone is our view until next fall.

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