This Month’s Books – March 2016

So, okay, I thought this week was the last week of March. Now that I’ve actually checked the calendar I see that this post is going up a little early, but that’s okay. The chances of me finishing another book in the next week is slim. (Although, now that I say that, I probably will.) Anyway, here we go!

This month is a little lame, I’m afraid. One book. Uno libro. I could have sworn I read another one, but apparently, nope.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.

This is one of those books that makes me want to look deep into your eyes and say…can we talk? About this book? 
It’s a Young Adult book, and is fairly short. I’m a fast reader, and zipped through this one in about two hours. The story is told by Junior, a fourteen-year-old growing up on the Spokane reservation, and is simply about his life, about being a poor Indian, about school and friends. This kid has had nothing but problems, but has a sense of humor about it. He draws cartoons, which are included in the book and are often funny, and plays basketball.

That’s really what the whole book is – a look at poverty, death, alcoholism, racism; told through the lens of a dorky kid that gets the crap kicked out of him on a regular basis. When he leaves the reservation school and enrolls in a nearby white school, things change, some better, some worse.
Despite the heavy stuff, I would like to point out that this book is hilarious. If you read it, let me know when you get to the part about book boners, because I almost rolled off the couch at that point. 
Anyway, this one has amazing reviews, 4+ stars everywhere you look, and it deserves it. 
Go forth and read the damn thing. 
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