DIY Glasses Case Clutch

When I made the hardcover book clutch a few weeks ago, I made this one at the same time. It’s a simple clutch made from a glasses case, and it involves spray paint and glitter, so who wouldn’t be on board? I mean, really. This is one DIY that I found on Pinterest and didn’t alter at all, not even once. The original tutorial comes from Trinkets in Bloom.
It’s pretty self-explanatory, but you can click over to Trinkets in Bloom for the full tutorial. I will say that you need to do this one with a big honkin’ sunglasses case, not a regular sized glasses case. I got mine from Amazon.

I might have taken an EXTREME amount of time at Hobby Lobby picking out exactly what animal was going on my clutch. I chose a cape buffalo, because of course I did.

I used epoxy to stick the cape buffalo onto the clutch, but it didn’t glue it down completely, so I used some additional Mod Podge. Worked like a charm.

The finished product doesn’t look very glittery in pictures, but it is fairly glittery in real life, and the Mod Podge keeps all the glitter glued down so it doesn’t transfer anywhere.

Now, I haven’t carried this yet, as I haven’t yet had an occasion to carry a glittery clutch with a golden cape buffalo on it, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Have a good weekend!