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The last post I wrote was a little bit…whiny. So now I am back with the outdoorsy stuff. (Okay, so I’m still roughly a month behind on these woods posts, but here we go anyway.) These were taken on November 7. The husband and I headed out to the woods to follow a snowmobile trail for awhile. The snowmobile trail follows an old railroad grade, and there are many, many of the ties still visible.
Or, if you’re like me, they are there to trip you 4,000 times. Fun fact: we were miles from the house, but this track once ran very close to our house and into town to the mill. Lumber was king, folks.

The trail goes for quite awhile, nice and straight, then curves to the left. The old railroad grade continues going straight. We went straight.

There was no more trail.


Now, the reason my husband we wanted to do this was because he is a big fan of Google Earth. And Google Earth shows that the river crosses the railroad grade twice, once at the bridge, and once more about 1.5 miles ahead. He wanted to see if there was another old bridge or trestle there.



There was no trail here whatsoever, other than a deer trail that we followed. The track was built up a bit, and as we walked, swamp gave way to water on both sides.





Eventually we went as far as we could go, before the brush grew so thick we couldn’t get through it. And when I looked down, I could see an old tie mostly submerged in water. We were very close to where the river crosses again, but I don’t see how we could have gotten to it without waders and a hedge trimmer.
This particular jaunt was kind of a bust, even though it was a nice walk. Well, okay, it was a nice walk until  I got slapped in the face by the 8th branch in a row. Then it was less nice.
See you later!

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  1. You both must be in terrific shape with all the long hikes you take. But, with such gorgeous scenery and winter around the corner, I'm certain you enjoy the great outdoors, especially, during Autumn.

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