A Few Things to Be Thankful For (Roll On December)

This post is going up on a Sunday, which is weird. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, but I felt it necessary. Otherwise there would have been just one lonely post last week. DO BETTER, REMINGTON. Also, this post is delayed because I have the post-Thanksgiving bloat and currently look like Violet Beauregard. I’m lucky I can reach the keyboard.
Anyway, tomorrow is the first of December, and can I just say…I am so happy. 2015 has been a bit of a bugger.
My grandma passed away this year. I didn’t talk about it on the blog because actually typing it out sucks. Hard. Like an industrial vacuum cleaner.
Both of my nephews ended up in the hospital this year. One for a severe allergic reaction, while the other was diagnosed with diabetes. My family came ****thisclose*** to just building a bunker and hiding until 2016.
We listed the house for sale and are now locked in a game of Eternal Waiting. Which is SO FUN for an impatient person. (That would be me. I have zero patience.)
Oh, and my husband got bit by a frigging deer tick and had to go to the hospital for antibiotics, lest he get Lyme Disease.
Add to that general life annoyances, people being boneheads, my beloved pet chicken dying and my cranky pet duck FLYING AWAY, and you would want 2015 to end, too.
And then people wonder why I’m cranky.
Just one more month, and then 2015 can go suck it. I’ma be dancing into 2016 like this:
 photo loveactually_zpsywck9rrz.gif
On the bright side, my husband and I haven’t killed each other yet. The house looks good. We drove all over the damn place up here and looked at stuff. I discovered cookbooks by Edna Lewis and the book Radiance by Grace Draven. I made fried chicken for Thanksgiving dinner. Big P came into my life. (That’s what I call my camera, you pig.) We watched ‘The Man in the High Castle’ and OMG. You have to go watch that.
Because Christmas is coming and that always seems to make time speed up, it will be 2016 before I know it.
Praise Jesus.
See you later!


2 thoughts on “A Few Things to Be Thankful For (Roll On December)

  1. After a year like yours, I'd be looking forward to seeing 2015 in the rear-view mirror, too. I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandma, I still miss mine. Hope your husband and nephews are all doing well. Scary stuff, for sure. Hope your husband's antibiotics ward off the dreaded Lyme disease.Here's wishing you a new and much improved 2016.

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