Two Last Little Renovations

Just an hour ago, I emptied my camera’s memory card…completely. That never happens. Ever. I was so pleased that I ended up looking through this year’s blog photos folder on the computer, looking for anything that I forgot to post.
I had success. This is (I think) the last of the house stuff that’s been accomplished over the last…forever. One last room remodel is up first. This is the room I used as an office until I bought my printer that required a larger desk that required a larger room that ate the cat who killed the rat that lay in the house the Remingtons built.
Ahem. Here’s a before picture. Well, it’s before but after the carpet was ripped out. Yeah.

After paint, laminate flooring, baseboards, and replacing all the broken trim.

Not bad.

Another little thing I did was paint a built-in bookcase upstairs. Originally a gun cabinet, then a half-cabinet, half-bookshelf, it’s now a bookcase. It was cedar, and please ignore the mess all around it. Yeesh.


New shelves and lots of paint later…

Much better. I still don’t like the paneling in that room, but I gotta draw the line somewhere, or these renovations will still be happening when I’m 80. And we’ll have to install an elevator to get my fat ass upstairs to nag my husband about fixing everything.

That might have been an overshare.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Two Last Little Renovations

  1. Doesn't it feel wonderful to have the renovations done just in time to sell your house? Well, maybe not the just in time to sell your house, but you can enjoy it in the meantime and all the hard work should make your house sell more quickly. Everything looks terrific.

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