The Bathroom Remodel, Before and After

While we’ve been remodeling for years, we kicked it up a few notches this spring so we could finish the house. Just in time to list the house for sale. (That makes no sense, by the way, and now that the house is finished and we’re disgustingly pleased with it, we cannot figure out why it took us so long to remodel it.) Anyway. Here’s a bathroom remodel!

The before. Ahem. Dark wood ceiling. Green paint.

More green paint and an oak vanity. (Ignore that absence of a wall, that was during the laundry room remodel.)

Here is a glimpse of the flooring and the medicine cabinet. After I broke one of the mirrored doors, obviously. Here is the bathroom now. After 712 coats of paint.

*Angels playing harps descend from the heavens.*

This room took forever, and lemme tell you, was a bit more expensive than we were prepared for. It got the whole treatment. Wall paint. New baseboards and trim. I painted the wainscoting white. New toilet paper and towel holders. No more wallpaper border. New ceiling paint.

The vanity! White now, with actual hardware. It didn’t have any before, and I used the same hardware that’s on the kitchen cabinets. New mirrors in lieu of a medicine cabinet, and new lighting.

A new shower curtain rod (I highly recommend a curved one, by the way, that thing makes it seem much roomier in the tub) and shower curtain.

Okay. Just summarizing all of that made me tired.

But I love it. It’s bright, airy, and somewhat spa-like. I added a steel shelving unit (from Walmart) next to the tub, and placed upon it fancy things like bubble bath and bath salts. And fancy washcloths tied with a ribbon that will probably never ever get used. Finding tiny fabric bins to store everything in was a real pain in the ass; most of them are too big. I found the navy-colored ones at Dollar General, after searching for several weeks.

Next week I will finally talk about the kitchen. I’ve talked about the cabinets and the countertops, but not the whole shebang.

Have a good weekend! (I’ll be over here, OD’ing on Halloween candy, if you need me.)

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  1. Your bathroom remodel looks terrific! When you walk in there, I bet you still can't believe it's the same room.

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