Things I’m Loving – Hair, Nails, and Ugly Sunglasses

In May, for the very first time ever, I dyed my hair. Or bleached it, actually. Here is what it looked like.
Three more boxes of bleach later (ahem), a haircut, and now my hair looks like this. I think I’m going to wake up in a year with blonde hair, wondering how things ever went this far. The pictures aren’t the best, but hey. You get the idea.
Four boxes total, because homegirl has enough hair for three people. Basically, about five inches of roots are my natural dark brown, the rest is a lighter brown, and most of the ends are blonde.
Hold on. I’m going to bust out the external hard drive and find a picture from a few years ago. I say this like you’re actually sitting here with me, at my kitchen table, drinking coffee way too late at night and listening to terrible music.
Oh dear God. This was May 2013. I HAD BANGS AND HAIR DOWN TO MY BUTT.

Well. Times, they are a’ changin’.

Another thing I’ve been absolutely loving is this Disney Villains beauty book. You can find these at Walgreens, but I think they’re only out until Halloween. Of course I bought Maleficent. Once your nephew refers to you as Aunt Maleficent, your fate is set.
It comes with a liquid eyeliner, a lipstick, an eyeshadow primer, and a brush. The brush is a big fluffy thing that works wonders for blending. I’ve been wearing the greens a lot, and I love the blush.
In the first photo there, my thumbnail looks fantastic. That’s because it’s fake. Glue-on nails have been my savior lately, as there is not enough biotin in the world to keep my nails from breaking off if I so much as look at them cross-eyed.
I, apparently, don’t do things, I attack things. Therefore, I snap these babies off all the damn time. Seriously. I’m a gorilla.
The last thing I wanted to mention was new (new-ish. I’ve had them for over a month already) glasses. When I went to the eye doctor, the frames I picked out were stupidly expensive, and again, I am a gorilla. After several family members ordered glasses online from Zenni, I finally bought myself a pair too. They were a whopping $12, I believe, and I wear them when I don’t want to scratch my fancy glasses. Which means I wear them all the time, because they are so lightweight and don’t slide down my nose all the time.

I like to take angry, in-the-woods selfies. It’s my thing, I guess. I also bought a pair of truly hideous olive-green prescription sunglasses. Woods selfies + flannel shirts. If that were any more country, I would have to go marry a cousin.

One last selfie for the road. The realtor was showing the house, and I was out driving around with the dog. When I tried to get a picture with her, it did not quite work. She was having none of my crap.
Have a good weekend!

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  1. I actually like your glasses, sunglasses and hair color, but I'm loving your dog impersonating a teenager with the I-don't-know-you attitude.

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