On a Friday Morning

A.) I wrote a big post yesterday about a necklace I made, a necklace that I wore in a dream last month. (And if that sentence doesn’t make me sound like a crystal-wearing, Kombucha-drinking hippie, I don’t know what does.) But, alas, in the end, I was not pleased with how it turned out, so back to the drawing board I go. The post was deleted, and NOW I HAVE NOTHING. NOTHING, I tell you.
B.) It is 36 degrees F right now, and feels like 29 with the wind. Halp. 

C.) I woke up with Uptown Funk stuck in my head. Which means Uptown Funk will be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day. Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty. (I have a print hanging in my bedroom with that lyric on it, actually, so I should not be shocked when I wake up with the song stuck in my head.)
D.) I am listening to Pandora right now to get that song out of my head. If you like ’90s grunge, hard rock type music, then this is my gift to you – Stone Temple Pilots Radio, then add these station seeds: Velvet Revolver, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters. YOU ARE WELCOME. On a side note, I never thought I would just casually jam to some Pantera on like, a Tuesday afternoon, but there you have it. Life is weird.
E.) Yesterday I made an apple cake, which means I’m having apple cake for
breakfast. With a vanilla latte, because the blood has just been flying
through my arteries lately. 
F.) I have mentioned potentially buying a car about 472 times on the blog, and we haven’t yet. While I am a spoiled rotten lady, I am also driving around in a 12 year old truck that a teenager used to own, so it’s lifted, has big tires, and is generally ridiculous. It also has a heater core leak and we have to carry coolant around with us. It just turned over 175,000 miles. Every time I get into the damn thing I feel like it’s only operating on prayer, so this weekend we’re going to maybe, perhaps, actually buy a damn car. 
Getting either me or my husband to part with money is like trying to milk a bull, so this should be interesting. 
Also, kudos to anyone that actually read through all of this rambling. 
Have a good weekend!

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  1. I read through your entire post and the one thing that sticks in my mind was, "I made an apple cake."

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