Babbling Brooks and Running Deer

So….what’s up with you guys? It’s the same thing here – get out while the weather is good. I think we walked about 7 miles total this weekend, including rock-hopping in a river. How I managed to avoid falling in, I will never know. Probably because I was holding the camera, and I somehow transform into a much more careful, precise person while the camera is in my care. (Case in point: The camera strap came undone TWICE this weekend, in the space of one minute. And I caught the camera both times before it fell to the ground. Ninja skills.)
These pictures were all taken on the 26th of September, and I believe are the last batch of photos from last month that I want to share on here. Now I just have to empty my memory card again, which is almost filled. Again. Crap.
First, we have a creek. It was pretty. My apologies to anyone that has to pee, because these are not going to help your situation.








This little guy ran out in front of us. Instead of running, he sort of…pranced across the road. So cute. (The truck was stopped at this point, so we weren’t in danger of hitting him. Or her.)
Now that the September pictures are done, I should be able to get some fall color pictures up this week. I think. The color started out meh, and has become golden and gorgeous. There aren’t as many reds and bright oranges as usual, but there is so much yellow. It’s crazy.
See you later!

2 thoughts on “Babbling Brooks and Running Deer

  1. These are gorgeous! Reminds me of the mountain streams in the north Georgia or North Carolina mountains. Now I want to go hiking. Love the prancing deer. My neighbor was able to take pictures of deer having a high old time running and playing in the rain. It really is true about reindeer games although in our case it is white-tail deer games. We are seeing color in the maple and dogwood trees, but our peak colors here are normally early November. Autumn is definitely in the air as we enjoy cooler temperatures and low humidity.

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