This Month’s Books – September 2015

Okay, so it’s last month’s books. You get the idea.

I still haven’t been reading much. My prime reading hours are late at night when I can’t sleep, but lately I’ve been sleeping like a rock. (That, and last night I stayed up and played WordBrain with my husband, which is either REALLY FREAKING hard, or we are both REALLY FREAKING stupid.) But man, once you hit those three-word puzzles, it’s mind-numbing.)

On to the books!

First is Radiance by Grace Draven. 

I loved this book. Like a lot. Like a lot a lot. It’s about an arranged marriage between two nobles, from kingdoms that generally do not like each other, and it’s fantastic. That’s a horrible summary for a good book, but I digress.
I liked Radiance so much I read another book by Grace Draven, called Master of Crows.

This one is about the Master of Crows, a sorcerer that is trying to fight off a god. He needs help, and Conclave (a group of mages that sounds suspiciously like the Vatican) sends an apprentice.
This is a good book, and I did like it, but it had one problem – it’s not Radiance. It’s hard to top that one.
Also, this one has a lot of sex. Like….a lot. Now, this does not bother me (I saw an ad on Goodreads for a book with ‘No Gratuitous Sex or Obscenities’ and I was like, damn, why bother) but it bears mentioning, because holy crap do they go at it like rabbits. 

Keeping with the theme, the next one is Follow the Crow by B.B. Griffith.

This one is about a Navajo cop named Ben. While he’s out and about doing his job, he starts feeling odd, and then he starts seeing crows everywhere. And that’s about all the summary I can give, because it gets weird after that, and it’s more helpful to read it. THE CROWS MEAN SOMETHING, Y’ALL. 
I liked this book, but it wasn’t a slam-dunk for me. It was good enough that I’m curious about the sequel, but that’s about it. 

And this last book was a steaming pile of donkey crap. It’s called The Glassblower by Petra Durst-Benning.

I don’t even know. This was just awful. It has absolutely glowing reviews on Amazon, but when you flip over to Goodreads, it’s a different story. (I wish I had done that before buying this book, because I never would have bought it.)
It’s about sisters. Their dad croaks and they have to get jobs. The end. 
This one lost me right away in the beginning, when one of the sisters thinks to herself THANK GOD WE’RE ALL THIN AND SLENDER.
I am not making that up, she actually thinks this. SO THANKFUL HERE IN OLD TIMEY GERMANY THAT WE BE SO DARNED THIN. As a woman of not inconsiderable girth, this was not amusing. And I could have overlooked it, but the ridiculousness level just went HAM from there on. 
The damned cover art sucked me in. That’s my only excuse. 
Have a good weekend, and stay away from all skinny German glassblowers. 
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