A Change in Location

Lately there have been a few working-on-the-house type posts on the blog, and plenty of (constant) complaining about being covered in paint. I am finally ready to explain.
The house is for sale. Hallelujah.
We’ve talked about moving for the past, oh I don’t know, five years. Last winter we decided to get the lead out and have the house listed sometime this summer. Unfortunately, we live in an area that does not have the fastest selling real estate, so we plan on being here for quite awhile yet. When it does sell, we are moving to….
I wasn’t going to mention it on the blog at all, but I might as well. At some point there’s going to be a rant on here about trying to live in a staged house (I can feel it coming already) and y’all will be mighty confused if I don’t explain why my house is staged.
(I took the pictures. This is what happened when I got the living room just right.)
So that’s the big news. The husband and I are excited, and are ready to get on with life in a place we like a smidge better than northern Wisconsin. You know, in forty years when the house actually sells.
It will probably be a little weird to sell the house I grew up in, but I am not exactly a sentimental person. I am one of those annoying MUST GO FORWARD types.
That, and I love moving. LOVE it. All that packing. All that sorting through of things you want to bring and want to get rid of. Lovingly wrapping dinner plates in bubble wrap. Yaaaaasssss. That’s the good stuff. Very much looking forward to that part.
I know. I’m in the minority there.
See you later!


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  1. Wow, your living room looks terrific! Now we know the motivation behind all of the hard work renovating your house. Best of luck with selling your home to someone who will love it. Doesn't your sister live in Wyoming?

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