Tool Boxes for Makeup Storage

A few months ago, in the grip of a serious house decluttering episode, I began to resent all the crap I had piled everywhere. I started looking for something that could hold makeup, jewelry, and whatever the heck else I wanted, all while being sturdy and not insanely expensive. Honestly, finding something to fit those requirements should not be this difficult. In the end, I settled on…tool boxes.

Okay, so yeah, maybe this is overboard? I can’t tell anymore, I’ve lost all sense of perspective.

A lot of people online recommend the Ikea Alex drawers for makeup and jewelry storage, but I don’t live near an Ikea and their shipping costs are insane. Also, the drawers look really nice, but are made of particleboard, and particleboard eventually bends and bows.


I found these Homak tool boxes at Fleet Farm, but they can be found at Northern Tool. The top box is blue because I liked the drawer setup, and the bottom box is black because it was on clearance and was half the cost of the corresponding blue one. (I hope you didn’t think I would go an entire blog post without mentioning how cheap I am.

These two cost about the same as two of the Ikea drawers, but are (obviously) huge and metal and filled with wonder. The drawers are shallow enough that you don’t have to dig around for anything, which is a huge time saver. I hate digging through piles of things to find that one item I need.


Ah, storage. It soothes me.

I’ve had these about a month now, and they are the cat’s ass. Really. Yes, they are pricey, and yes, they are overkill, but I’ll have them forever. Fair trade.

One of my favorite things about this setup is that both boxes have a lock, so if I wanted to lock up my jewelry, I can. Because protecting my $50 worth of costume jewelry is v.v. important.

Next week I think I’ll share a few more house before-and-after pictures, because I don’t have a lot else going on at the moment. Unless you would like to hear me whine about car shopping.

I shall spare you that.