Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I mentioned about sixteen years ago that I haven’t been doing much this summer, which is why the blog is sort of dull right now. I haven’t had time to do much because the husband and I have been remodeling the house. And now we’re…done? *Looks around in the sunlight like a tiny baby mole.*
Seriously though. Done. There is one entire room that we decided not to redo, because life is short and money does not grow on trees, but the rest of the house is pretty much finished. And now that it’s done I feel like I can finally share some of the projects. First up – kitchen cabinets!
(Okay, so this would have been up an hour ago, but I had to snap a few more pictures. And then I discovered dust on my camera’s sensor. Cleaning a camera sensor is a behind-clenching experience, by the way. But the dust is gone, and we can now proceed.)
These cabinets are from the ’70s, and they used to be a very dark brown. I remember helping my parents paint them back in high school, so it’s been awhile. The paint was a creamy yellowish color, and after all these years it was looking pretty dingy.

Because homegirl don’t play, the color I chose is a gloss white. Bright and easy to wipe clean. After taping everything off, I lightly sanded the cabinets just to rough them up, then cleaned them and started painting.If you ever decide to paint cabinets and want your life to be 127% easier, use a 3-inch roller. Brushes leave strokes behind and are so much slower going.



This is the paint I used. I believe it took 2 quarts to do the cabinets, though it may have been three. (This was in early June, so I can’t remember.) I don’t buy it online, it’s pretty easy to find in most hardware stores, and it’s usually around $7 a quart.


You can’t have fancy new paint without new hardware. These are old cabinets, and the doors had the hardware right in the center. Why, I don’t know. I filled those holes in with putty, sanded, and painted so we could install new hardware in the correct locations.


These are what I bought. Just as an FYI, that will maybe prevent you from having a heart attack when you go to the hardware store and price drawer pulls, ordering hardware online is so much cheaper. It saved us over $100. Seriously. These are the handles and these are the pulls we bought, both from Amazon. There were a few handles that had the inner threads messed up, so the quality might not be quite the same as what you could get in a store, but for the price, eh. We’ll deal with a few problems.





Ugh. They look so much better. We are almost two months in, and they still look just fine. The gloss finish makes cleaning them easy peasy, and they are so bright that they make the entire kitchen seem larger.

Painting is magic.

See you later!


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  1. The "after" looks amazing! Who knew paint and new hardware could transform your cabinets so dramatically? Looks like new counters, too. Congratulations on completing the house remodeling. Now what will you do for "fun"?P.S. I haven't been abducted by aliens. Still trying to get back into the routine after traveling and company last month. Have been reading faithfully even if not commenting.

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