Favorite Free Printables

Hello. I am in the middle of decorating a big, ugly room in my house. This is my panicked voice. One of my favorite ways to decorate a room is with free printables. If you have a halfway decent photo printer, you are in business, my friend. Here are some of my current favorites.

There will never be anything wrong with this. This one (and several other versions) is from Oh So Lovely. (Just FYI though, don’t ever watch a nature documentary about flamingos. Nightmare-inducing, I swear.)

Feathers. Again from Oh So Lovely.


Staaaaaahhhp. Via Clones n Clowns.

Grown-up coloring book pages. Via In the Playroom.

More feathers. I have a thing for feathers, apparently. This one is also from Oh So Lovely.

Hipster deer. Via The Graffical Muse.

Watercolor unicorn, also from The Graffical Muse.

If you Google ‘free printables,’ there are a bajillion and twelve things to choose from. I’ve printed out a few of these to use as filler around larger artwork that I already have – like Mr. Parker, or photos of my own. Because I kind of have a lot of those.

See you later!