Let’s Take Fun Rearview Mirror Pictures

Real talk – first title was just Get in Your Car and Do a Fun Thing, but that sounded a bit like maybe I was asking you to take a detour to pederast-ville, so I changed it. You’re welcome.

The other day the husband was driving – sidenote, this tweet:


Anyway. He was driving, I was riding shotgun, and had the camera with me. Duh. And I did a fun thing.
The fun thing is the blurriness. If your camera has a manual setting that allows you to control the shutter speed, you can take super fun rearview mirror pictures. The settings for this picture are shutter speed 1/13, F/4.5, ISO 800. (The picture above is slightly grainy because of the high ISO. ISO being the thingy that controls how sensitive the camera is to light. It was dark out there in the woods, and I had to use a high ISO to compensate for the darkness.)


1/13 is a pretty slow shutter, so the shutter is open longer, letting in more light. Because it’s open so long, anything moving will get blurred. By focusing on something stationary, like a rear-view mirror, you can get a picture that is both in focus and out of focus.

For these purposes, I’m going to assume you’re not the one driving (RIGHT!?) and if the driver has, say, a hand reflected in the mirror…



…you can go that route.

That one’s not bad, but I like this one better.

Cool, right!? For more blurriness, the driver can just accelerate a smidge. At this point we were just trying to not let every mosquito in a fifty-mile radius into the truck. And this one isn’t a rearview picture exactly, but it’s the same thing. Something stationary in front of something moving? Same deal.
Cameras are fun. Thank god the husband is a willing subject. Not that he had much choice this time around, but still.

See you later!