In the Woods, Where Everything is Green

It’s been a minute since I had a post all ready to go on a Monday, but here we are. Monday. With pictures and some nonsensical rambling. My gift to you.
On Saturday the husband took me out for a ride on the 4-wheeler. Remember that thing? That we got to plow snow? I think we may be the only people in a 400 mile radius that put more miles on the thing in the winter than during the warmer months, but we’re working on it.
EVERYTHING’S SO GREEEEN! (Name that movie.) This time of year is aggressively green in these parts.


Only about half of the pictures I took were usable. Attempting to snap a few pictures while bumping along on the back of an ATV, with a driver with a jumpy thumb on the throttle, is not simple. There were railroad track pictures – blurry. A picture in the woods, with branches overhanging the trail – blurry.
Those were also the branches my husband had the good sense to duck from, and I instead took a picture of them right before they smacked me in the face.




But we got the machine a little dusty, finally, and only collected two wood ticks in the bargain.

Not a bad day.