Can We Talk About Mommie Dearest?

When I have PMS, I cannot be trusted to make my own life decisions. PMS leads me to things like making a pair of cutoff jeans, which I should never, ever do. Or cutting my hair, or doing a number of other stupid things. Last night it led me to make late night french fries and watch Mommie Dearest
Which I do not regret at all. AT ALL.
So I know it’s about child abuse, it may or may not be a complete crock of shit, and it’s way over the top. But can we just take a moment to admire how (unintentionally) hilarious and amazing this movie is?
The huge pink shower. With three heads. Shut up.
The never-ending walk-in closet.
This movie is full of gems. Holy crap. (I hadn’t seen this movie since I was a kid, and the only thing I remembered was the wire hanger scene, because who in the world could forget that.) The scene right in the beginning when she’s scrubbing the floor in high heels. The hair. The clothes.
And it has also given us this set of GIFs.
 photo tumblr_mo4jo0Okqp1sofauzo1_500_zps5kn4mkmv.gif
 photo tumblr_mo4jo0Okqp1sofauzo2_500_zpsmcyxaeja.gif
Get it, Faye Dunaway.
I would also like to mention that this movie apparently had some sort of impact on my young life when I watched it the first time around, because do you know what you will not find in my house? Anywhere?Wire hangers.

Have a good weekend!