In My Makeup Bag: Nudes and Highlights

Last night we ripped the carpet out of a bedroom and installed a magnetic knife bar in the kitchen that ended up being about as magnetic as a french fry. So let’s do fun stuff today, eh? These are the makeup products I’ve been loving lately.

That’s a motley assortment.


Okay, so the first thing is weird. I have used makeup primers in the past that don’t seem to do much of anything, and then NikkieTutorials mentioned that Nivea for Men Aftershave Balm is the best primer she’s ever used. (And if she says it, then it must be true.) And holy crap, people. This stuff smells like a locker room, but it makes your makeup stick to your face like glue, makes foundation apply more smoothly, and makes pores look smaller.
‘TIS WITCHCRAFT. All for a fiver.
Last week’s post about flash photography had me mentioning my highlight. This is what I use to get it. Apply it to your cheekbones and blind your enemies. (Seriously though, check out that highlight.) Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Riviera Strip.
L’Oreal Miss Manga is the best mascara I’ve tried in awhile. It’s not the best, but then I take my mascara very seriously. When you have long, straight eyelashes that need fifty minutes of curling just to get them to bend a little, you’ll take it seriously too. The best mascara that I can think of is Max Factor 2000 Calorie, and OH MY GOD YOU CAN GET IT ON AMAZON. Holy crap, I didn’t think you could still buy it. *Throws fiscal responsibility out the window.*
The L’Oreal La Palette in Nude 1 is wonderful. The shadows are huge, blend beautifully, and the thing costs less than $20. Win-win.
My sister and I have waxed poetic about that damned Max Factor mascara ever since they stopped selling it in stores like 8 years ago. This is like when Indy found the grail, I’m telling you.
Go forth and highlight.