Lately, with Paint

The last two weeks…oy. 
Spring cleaning, which means lighting things on fire. It also means that over 20 boxes and bags have been taken to Goodwill, and holy crap when did we accumulate this much crap!? But I am on a mission to declutter the whole damn house. Mission almost accomplished.

The driveway was raked, because there was a layer of sawdust and wood chips on top of everything. Firewood is messy, y’all.

Lighting things on fire. Again. (The rubber boots…I forget I have them on. About a month ago I wore them to the grocery store on accident. That was cute.)

Last week I painted all the first-story window and door trim outside, and on Sunday the husband got to do the upstairs windows. Because if someone is going to hang out a window, it shall not be me. 

I hung a new bird feeder, and am about 87% certain a bear will enjoy it before the birds do. 

While he painted (because if someone is going to stand on the roof and paint a window, it shall not be me) I watched the storm clouds roll in. 

Oh, and I finally took the Christmas lights down. NO JUDGMENT. 

Paint, paint everywhere. And this week will not be any better because next up is…painting the bathroom. I shall be covered in paint splatter. Unrecognizable by other humans.
Lucky me. 
See you later!