This Month’s Books – April 2015

*Game Face On*  Let’s do this!
I have four books for you this month. One is an old favorite, and the other three are new to me.
The first book o’ the month:
I finally got around to reading Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup. If you like to read slave narratives, then you’ll probably like this book. (Although, how much can you really like a book like this, yaknowwhatImean?) I’ve read better, but it’s still a good (in a gripping, chilling sort of way) book.


Next up: A Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan. This is one that I read in high school, and bought as an adult. It’s a YA book, and it’s about a young widow and a boy who is deaf in a time when no one know what the heck deafness was. It’s a good one, but I’ve read it so many times that when I read it this month, I skipped huge parts of it because I KNOW IT BY HEART ALMOST. Yikes.

Next is another book-and-movie one:


First off, I saw the movie looooong before I read the book, A Princess Bride  by William Goldman. And this book has excellent reviews, so I’ll go ahead and be the dissenter in the crowd – just watch the damn movie. It is magical. The book is good, but not magical. And that’s all there is to that.


And I saved my favorite book this month for last:

It’s So Easy: And Other Lies by Duff McKagan. Ho-lee crap did I like this book. Wow. If you are not aware, Duff McKagan was the bassist in Guns N’ Roses and went on to be in a bunch of other bands. (Like Velvet Revolver. Who are never, ever, ever getting back together.)

If you aren’t familiar with a lot of ’80s music, you will probably spend half of the book wondering who in the hell he’s talking about. But if you are familiar with it, then this book is awesome. It’s a memoir with zero ego, and the stories he tells are…interesting. And gross. And eye-wideningly awesome.

So there you have it, another month’s roundup. This month flew by, didn’t it?

See you later!
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