Laundry Room Before and After

My husband had a cold, I had a cold, it did nothing but rain (meaning we couldn’t cut the trim outside like we usually do) but finally, on Saturday, we were able to finish the laundry room. This particular project was started about a month ago, and I am so happy that it’s finally finished.
This is the only ‘before’ picture I have of the laundry room. 

Yeeeaaah. It sorta screams MURDER SCENE.

When we decided to finally redo the room, it was go big or go home. First, the paneling was removed, revealing a lovely faux-tile paneling.

In the above photo, there’s a big heat duct. It stuck right out into the laundry room, so we tore the entire wall down between the laundry room and bathroom, built a new wall, and stuck the ductwork inside.

A new floor was put in, the new wall was finished, then the room received a new ceiling, new drywall, new paint, trim, and shelving. The washer and dryer were moved to the opposite wall, so the whole shebang got new plumbing as well.
And here she is. 

The ceiling is knotty pine that we had leftover from The Great Living Room Renovation of 2014.

The paint color is the same as the living room, Tallgrass from Pittsburgh Paint. (Swiss Coffee from Glidden is the same color, or damn near.) The shelving is the Rubbermaid wire stuff. 

These prints were free printables I found online, and printed out at home. 

The flooring is vinyl peel-and-stick, which I am not happy about. We bought is along with the flooring for the entry, and apparently could not read the big words on the side of the package that said PEEL AND STICK. I hate that stuff, but it was already purchased and ready to go, so we installed it anyway. If it peels up and looks crappy, we’ll replace it with the vinyl tongue-and-groove stuff that we intended to purchase the first time around.

I am beyond happy with this room. It used to be dark and dingy, with no storage space, and a big piece of ductwork in the way of everything. Now it’s bright, roomy, and the light fixture I picked out looks like the lights you see in submarines in every movie ever. 
Love it. 
See you later!

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  1. Not only does your laundry room renovation look terrific, it would actually be a pleasure to do laundry now.

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