Things You Find When Ripping Up Flooring

This is a post similar to the one I wrote when our living room was being remodeled. When I put up Monday’s post, I failed to mention that while recovering from wisdom-tooth extraction, my husband thought it would be a great idea to start on the laundry room renovation.
Dear god, why do we do this to ourselves?
I will try to find a ‘Before’ picture of the laundry room, but for now this will have to do. This picture was taken from the bathroom. THERE USED TO BE A WALL SEPARATING THESE TWO ROOMS. 

We are renovating the laundry room because there was a big exposed piece of duct-work in the room that we wanted to stick inside a wall, and because it hadn’t been touched in roughly 412 years, so why not, right? Go big or go home.
So here’s what we found!

Three layers of vinyl, linoleum, and OSB. Some of which was moldy, due to my mom’s old washing machine flooding several times in my youth. Appetizing.
All the mold has been cleaned up, and yes, I did get a bleach-fume buzz. 
Let’s see, what else…the funny papers!

Miss Gordon Hempe went and got herself married, and will now live in Beloit. (In 1965.) I have no idea why people papered floors and walls with newspapers back in the day, but it’s entertaining as heck to come across it today.

Cosgrove Chevrolet. 

Oh man, I am so Aunt Tilly. Seriously. I pack that much for an overnighter. I just Googled it, and Porter’s of Racine is now closed. Bummer.

And I don’t want anything called a ‘vitalizer’ placed anywhere near my head, thanks very much.

And that concludes today’s round of show-and-tell. 
Older homes are…interesting. 
See you later!

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  1. How fun to discover the 50-year-old newspaper. It's like finding a time capsule. As a child who grew up with many home permanents, I know all about waving lotion and neutralizer and how they smell. It's been years since my last perm and now I depend on hot-rollers when I want to add body to my straight hair.

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