Stainless Steel Table Love

Up until last week, when one would walk in the front door of the house, there was a big cabinet-thingy right there, with fabric bins to hold gloves and hats and whatnot. It was painted blue, and generally went with the feel of the room. Weeeeellll. With new flooring, it looks ridiculous, like a big blue painted cow.
The hunt is on for a table/console/storage thingy to fit under this mirror.
The walls are gray, the floor is sort of blonde-ish, and I am hooked on the idea of stainless steel, or regular steel, or just plain metal in general.
This table is for sale at the local Fleet Farm. LOVE. The price isn’t awful, but the table is sort of flimsy. But still, it looks like an autopsy table, so it’s 6 of one, half-dozen of the other.
This one from Restoration Hardware gives me heart palpitations in the best sort of way. The price gives me heart palpitations in the worst sort of way, as spending over $1k really is not in the budget.
This one, available at Overstock, is sort of like the first, but with a grate underneath instead of a solid shelf. The husband thinks this would be very useful for drying wet gloves in the winter.
I love this one. Big, licky love. Hairpin legs for the win. It’s available at Overstock, and it’s not horribly expensive. Unfortunately it’s a little shorter than what I’m looking for, but IT’S SO COOL.
But ding, ding, I think we have a winner. It’s available from Amazon, and it’s a potting bench. For real. But it’s a really cool potting bench. Tall, not too wide, and deep enough to provide some actual storage. It’s galvanized, so it wouldn’t be too shiny either.
Winner winner chicken dinner.
There’s a distinct possibility that this is something I will procrastinate on, so maybe in six months I will have actually bought a table.

Until then….

2 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Table Love

  1. A thousand dollar table from Restoration Hardware!?! Who actually has that in their budget? You found some neat tables and I also like the potting table from Amazon, but did you read the comments about the dents due to bad packaging? Wonder if they got that problem solved. Hope so.

    1. A lot of tables had bad reviews due to denting, so it would be a gamble to order one. I haven't made my mind up on that yet. I cannot even imagine having an extra grand lying around and spending it on a freaking table. That place is so expensive, it's crazy!

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