New Flooring and Technical Difficulty

Okay, so this post would have been up earlier, but when I checked my OneNote app on the computer (where I keep a list of blog post ideas) it was…empty. Nothing. Nada. The app on my phone worked, but that was it. 
Getting the two to sync again wasted approximately 30 minutes of my life that I WILL NEVER GET BACK. And deleted a nice portion of my blog post list, so that was fun. Thanks a lot, Bill Gates. 
Anyway! The husband and I took advantage of a flooring sale at Menards a few weeks ago, and we finally fixed something about the house that has driven me crazy for, oh, about seven years. 
The flooring in the entry was vinyl peel-and-stick tile (the devil’s tool) that has been discolored and peeling up for years. 

Yikes. I hated that that was the first thing people saw as they walked through the front door, but it was always a project that got put off. It’s a small room, and was always shoved to the back burner so we could tackle bigger projects. 

A heat gun, a gigantic scraper-thingy, and an hour later, the tile was gone. 

And about three hours after that, we had ourselves a nice new floor. 

It’s still vinyl, but it’s in planks, and installs like laminate flooring. It’s tongue-and-groove, and doesn’t glue or nail down. This room sees a lot of sand and water, so wood was out of the question, and the house’s floor joists are too far apart to adequately support ceramic or porcelain tile. 
This house is QUIRKY. I tell myself that whenever it makes me crazy

I love it. Like a lot. 
And now I just have to find a table of some variety to stick underneath that mirror. 
See you later!

2 thoughts on “New Flooring and Technical Difficulty

  1. Looks terrific! I didn't even know there was such a thing as tongue-and-grove vinyl planks and I'd certainly count that as a Valentine's gift to each other. One that will make you smile every time you walk in or out the front door.

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