2014 Year in Review

Another year in the bag. They fly by, don’t they? This is the last post of 2014 here in blogland, so I thought I’d do a round-up.
Alrighty. This year, there were:
– 135 posts. Less than last year, but whaddaya gonna do?
– Roughly 850 pictures were posted. That’s way less than last year, partially because of the slow decline of the camera that I have just plain worn out over the past few years (insert Yosemite Sam yowl, because I thought I’d had that camera for 3 years, but noooo, it’s only been 2).
Other major events included the transmission shitting the bed in my car (sad trombone sound), and opening a second Etsy shop.
In January, I bought a purse organizer and trust me, IT IS LIFE-CHANGING.
In February I ordered a printer the size of a Geo Metro and we built a new desk out of 2×6 lumber to support the behemoth.
In March I complained about the weather and knitted the “3-Hour Sweater” pattern from the ’30s. (Spoiler alert: can’t be done in three hours.)
April found me sewing for a change.
 In May we finished remodeling the living room.
In June…not a lot happened in June. Whoops. But I did complain about the huge, man-eating mosquitoes.
In July I cut my hair, drank a lot of gin fizzes, made a wire laundry hamper, and a leather clutch. Apparently I was making up for my lack of activity in June.
August was not that exciting either, but I did dress up like a flapper.
In September I bought a dress that looks like a roll of lifesavers, went out in the woods, knitted, and made a TtV thingy for my camera.
In October my camera started to die on me and that slowed down the flow of pictures I usually post. But I did go out in the woods, found an old logging camp, and did some more knitting. I also found this bear track.
In November I had some weird-ass dreams after taking antibiotics.
 photo 94705_original_zpsvh2ymsnv.gif
And finally, in December I talked about how history was not dull, and I made pie. I like pie.
So there we go. Another year.


As always, I am thankful to everyone that reads the high quality content (ha) I put up here on this tiny blog. And I look forward to another year of it.

Happy New Year!

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