In My Makeup Bag: Drugstore Foundation for Pale Chicks

I’m still posting less frequently around here, as there is just so much excitement going on. Like…*twiddles thumbs*…oh that’s right, no there’s not. Usually cabin fever doesn’t set in for me until January, but this year it’s here early, and I’m climbing the walls. 
Maybe I just need a new hobby. Like chainsaw art or dynamite fishing. 
Anyway, this time of year does give me ample opportunity to do small things that have thus far escaped attention. Like sewing buttons back onto my husband’s dress shirts and watching ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ reruns. Or, things like this – for a few months now I’ve noticed that my foundation is too dark. This is somewhat ridiculous, because I use Maybelline Fit Me in 110, the lightest color available in that brand. If you google ‘foundation for pale skin’ the Fit Me is often recommended. 
Ha. I am just squirming at the thought that the 110 is going to be my summer shade, for when I tan. Oy vey.
On my quest to find something even more pale, I found this:

This is L’Oreal True Match in *drumroll please* alabaster. Which I believe is one step above ‘pure white rhino tusk,’ but whatever. 

It’s very, very pale. It doesn’t cover as well as the Fit Me, but that’s a pretty minor complaint. It goes on smooth and stays put. It get a thumbs-up.

After I bought it I ran into another ridiculous problem. The Palladio loose powder I’ve used for years is…too dark with this foundation. The color I used is translucent, but it still had some beige-y color to it. Ridic. So I tried this out – NYC Smooth Skin loose powder in translucent.

This stuff is a lot closer to being translucent than the Palladio. It’s very pale, and goes on more smoothly. Also, it was $2.50 at Walmart. For $2.50, I will try pretty much anything, and this one turned out to be a winner.

So here’s a picture of what it all looks like, on mah face. Complete with stupid expression and a ratty old flannel shirt that used to be my husband’s until I stole it and marked it as my own. 

See!? Crazy pale!
But I think it all looks pretty good. Especially since other ‘In My Makeup Bag’ posts have been less than…wonderful.
See you later!