Knitting: The Gathering Cowl

Things have been quiet around here the past few weeks, with me skipping the usual Monday post. It’s been skipped because I just plain haven’t been up to much. (Unless you want to hear about things like WHY IS IT SO COLD!? and OH CRAP I HAVEN’T THROWN ANY FIREWOOD IN.)
This week the blog and all my regular social media spots have been radio silent because I’ve been feeling like a bucket of poo. I got a UTI last week, and was prescribed a sulfa antibiotic. Sulfa, as in sulfur, which I believe refers to the sulfuric odor that permeates Satan’s lair. It made me sick, so I was switched to a different antibiotic, and then caught a bit of a cold, and then all my glands were swollen, including my tonsils.
Anyway. Knitting is the perfect Feeling Like a Bucket of Poo Pastime. (I should trademark that.)


This is a simple cowl (free on Ravelry) that I completely butchered. It looks nothing like it’s supposed to because I went and changed nearly everything about the pattern, but I love it anyway.
Also, why did I wear a black shirt with this when I know it sheds like crazy? Oy.


I didn’t want a huge bulky cowl so I changed the pattern to make a less bulky, longer version.

My Ravelry notes are here.

I don’t know about that picture either.
This is one of those fast, easy knits. It’s a simple stitch with bulky or super-bulky yarn on huge needles, so it flies by. I think this one took me less than three hours from start to finish. I finished it up while watching ‘In and Out’ with Kevin Kline. I love that movie. It stereotypes and is a bit schmaltzy at the end but I love it anyway.
I’m still not feeling 100% but getting closer, so I have already moved on to another knitting project that is going to take me 6 years to finish.
See you later for Photo Friday!

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  1. You've got this knitting thing down, even customizing patterns. I'm impressed. Your cowl will feel mighty good when the weather gets (dare I mention?) colder. Hope you are feeling much better.

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