Lakes in the Woods

Today it’s dark, dreary, and raining. I don’t mean a light drizzle, either, this area is under a flood watch until tonight. The plan was to run errands today, but I think I’ll stay put – the yard is soupy, there are puddles in the driveway, and I made a latte. LET’S DO THIS.
“This” being going back to Sunday, when the dog was feeling well enough that we could leave her alone for an hour or two and head out. I had a destination in mind, but the husband, Magellan, thought it would be more fun to take backroads and detours on the way home. As usual, he was correct. (I am not a backroads-and-detours person. I have no sense of direction and have gotten turned around in towns with a population of 2,000 and no stoplights.) 

I requested to stop at a lake, and he obliged. It’s not difficult to find a lake (Jesus. I typed ‘lark’ and ‘lard’ before landing on ‘lake.’ Oy.) up here, if you spit in any direction on a windy day it’s liable to hit water.

I’m never dressed appropriately. Ever. 

The lake we chose was not one we had ever seen before, it was back in the woods off a gravel road that doubled as an ATV trail. Which we drove our car down because that is what we do. The lake ended up being of the husband’s favorite things – a lake with no houses on it! Gasp! 

Bonus points for it having two islands as well. 

September and October are, in my opinion, the time to get out and do this sort of thing. The horseflies and deerflies are mostly gone, the ticks are gone, and it’s getting cold enough at night to quash the damn mosquito population. This summer was seriously lacking in little outings like this one because of bugs, and I am so happy to resume them. 

The climb out back to the car was less than fun, but flip flops can get you more places than you might think. 
On the way out we saw one of my favorite things – trees tangling together over the road. 
I complain about it a lot, but Wisconsin doesn’t always suck. 
See you later!

2 thoughts on “Lakes in the Woods

  1. A lake with two islands and no houses is quite a discovery. That plus a beautiful sunny day = a perfect Sunday drive. Hope you look at these pictures during your rainy, cold days to cheer up. Did he leave a bread crumb trail so he can find the lake again?

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