A DIY Burlap and Wire Laundry Hamper

I mentioned a while back that the husband was working long hours, leaving me time to work on crafty-type projects that I’d been putting off. (That’s the polite way of saying it. The truth would be that I get so bored after awhile that building a house of cards begins to seem riveting, ergo, craft time!)
This is one of those projects. For the past…ever…there’s been a big red plastic tub (with rope handles, super classy) in the bedroom in lieu of an actual clothes hamper. The plan was to eventually buy a wicker hamper, but they can be pricey. Then I found a DIY hamper on Pinterest about a year ago. (Yes, it took me a year to get around to it. Hush.)

This is my version of it. The original tutorial is from Apartment Therapy and can be found here.


It’s easy peasy and costs less than buying a wicker hamper. It’s just a circle of wood (I spray-painted mine a cream color) with sturdy fencing wire wrapped around it, with casters on the bottom. You can stick a store-bought laundry bag inside, make one, or do what I did – throw a burlap coffee bag in there. I found the coffee bags at a liquidation store and have been sitting on them for months, not knowing what in the heck a person does with burlap coffee sacks.


The bag fit with room to spare, but then I washed it. (OMG the stench. Like a boot left out in the rain for 4 weeks. Yeesh.) It shrank quite a bit after that. The length was still good but it wouldn’t fit around the wire anymore, so I just cut a few inches down each side with a pair of scissors and folded the top over the edge of the hamper. I tied it down with some ribbon and called it a day.
The tutorial on Apartment Therapy gives excellent directions, and I had no trouble putting this together. Probably because I let my husband handle the difficult bits, like cutting the wire to length.
The only downside to this project is having to buy a roll of fencing. I’ve got hardware cloth, chicken wire, rabbit wire, and who knows what else all stuck in a shed, but nothing was sturdy enough for this project. It was around $25 for the wire and you only need a few feet of it. The extra wire will get used up eventually around here, but I wanted to give a heads-up that it was the most expensive part of this project and not everyone has a use for 20 feet of fencing.
Another project down, and now onto the next! (I don’t know what that is yet, but I’ll figure it out!)
See you later!