Photo Friday: Wild Turkeys

When typing the title for this post I accidentally typed “Wild Turnkeys.” I thought you should know this. 
These guys (gals?) were out and about a week or two ago whilst I was walking the dog. (The dog could not have cared less. Seriously.)

When I was a kid it was rare to see turkeys, and now they’re all over the place. These particular turkeys hung around for awhile but skedaddled when I got a little too close. Close being 80 feet away, but hey, maybe they have a larger personal bubble then the rest of us. 

Turkey butt.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Wild Turkeys

  1. Does it looks like several hens and one tom? A turkey harem! At least they appear to be peaceful. Did you ever see the video of the wild turkey in a residential area that would chase anyone who came near? The poor mailman could not deliver the mail. The turkey even chased the reporter who came with tv cameras to get the story.

    1. A turkey harem indeed! They are terrifyingly large, so I can't fault anyone for not delivering mail with those beasts around. I haven't seen the video, I'll look it up later. Sounds…interesting.

    2. I can't believe it. I looked for the video of wild turkeys terrorizing people thinking I would find the one I had originally seen, but instead found multiple videos from various towns. Do NOT let your wild turkeys watch these videos. No telling what bad behavior they would learn.

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