Living Room Part II: The Dust and the Paint

Yes, I’m still going on about the house. The living room remodel continues. We are nearing the finish line. The end is in sight. The light at the end of the tunnel and all that. But first….the dust.

Half of the pine on the walls is now gone and has been replaced with drywall. It’s knotty pine wainscoting, yo. The ceiling plus the walls being drywalled means drywall mud, which means sanding…


There was even dust upstairs on the floors. It was seriously everywhere. And I know this is what happens when everyone puts up drywall, but holy crispy crap.

When the sanding was finished (I’m still finding dust) the painting began, ceiling first.

And may I say that nothing turns a relationship into Thunderdome faster than painting a ceiling together? You should have heard some of the names we called each other. (The word ‘knob’ might have been an important player.)

The walls were done in a very pale yellow so the room stays nice and bright. The color is called ‘Tallgrass’ and it’s from Pittsburgh Paint.

There are no pictures of the painting process because it’s boring. Really boring. It was two people trying not to drip paint everywhere and watching ‘Rules of Engagement’ reruns. Fun times.

Right now we’re (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘not me’) putting in the flooring (excitement) and when that’s done I’ll do the final update for the room, for it will be finished. Except for the new couch and decorating portions, which will come at a later date.

See you after a few!

2 thoughts on “Living Room Part II: The Dust and the Paint

  1. That's a major renovation and it looks great. So nice and bright. Glad you both survived the process although I can just imagine the stress. Shoot, we can get in each other's way just cooking together so there are no major DIY projects in our future. Looking forward to the final reveal.

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