Ice on the Lakes

I was planning on putting Part II of the Housecapades up today, but it’s not ready yet. Instead, I give thee some pictures from this past weekend. The Mr took me for a drive around our hood, because now we can actually see things as they’re not buried under 14 feet of snow. (There is still some snow in shady areas. FYI.)

The clouds have looked an awful lot like this lately – full of rain. 

Which leads to things like this. Low lying areas are full of water.  I see many mosquitoes in my future.

Swampy areas get filled with extra water every spring, this is no big deal. Except this year they’re filled with lots of water. Like the tree-trunk-covering kind of water.

Last weekend was the opening weekend of fishing season here in Wisconsin. 

Hehe. The ice has melted a lot in the past few weeks, but with a cold, wet spring the ice sticks around.

There were ducks out on the lake, and I did manage to get some (awful) pictures, so I’ll put them up in a few days for Photo Friday. 
See you later!