Spring Cleaning and the Endless Organization

During the winter I always feel so slow. Brain-wise. (Physically I’m always slow. It’s a curse.) Now that it’s 30 degrees warmer it’s like my brain has finally engaged and I’m getting ideas for tons of projects. I’M COMING OUT OF HIBERNATION.
It’s not warm enough yet to hang anything out on the clothesline, but other aspects of spring cleaning are in full swing around here. 
Instead of having 4,957 instruction manuals and receipts taking up an entire drawer of the filing cabinet, I bought a big expanding file folder and filed them in there. It takes up half the space and it’s now much easier to find everything. I think I’m going to buy a second folder for other v.v. important papers, because nothing pleases me as much as filing papers.
It was during this juncture that I discovered I’m a g.d. hoarder and will keep the receipt for anything that has a plug-in. Like, I don’t think I need to keep the receipt for the $10 toaster I bought 3 years ago. Really.

All cleaning must be (or should be, anyway) interspersed with walks. The snow is gone except for the banks, but the lakes are still iced over. (Yes, that’s a sheet of plywood at the lake. When there’s no beach, people improvise. Apparently.)

I’ve gone through most of the kitchen cabinets and cleaned them out. I’ve cleaned out my closet and bookshelves as well. Shoes I love but never (and I do mean never) wear have been sold on eBay, and clothes I don’t wear and books I don’t read are all packed away. Two big boxes will be headed to Goodwill this week. 

That was the perfect time to put in shelf liner. I started that last year and forgot to do a few drawers. 
The living room project is coming along nicely. Drywall shall be purchased today and will hopefully be put up by the end of the week. PROGRESS. In the meantime the entire living room is still a mess, but hey. PROGRESS.
See you later!

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and the Endless Organization

  1. You're ahead of me on this spring cleaning thing. We're still dealing with the yellow layer of pollen outdoors. I've washed multiple layers off the windows already, but will need to do it again after pollen season. I hope you've inspired me to sort closets and drawers to get rid of items no longer used.And I'm looking forward to After photos of your living room.

    1. Oof. Pollen. Not my favorite thing to deal with! We usually don't get it too much, just pine pollen if you happen to live near a bunch of them. Spring cleaning is one of my very favorite things to do, so I tend to get a jump on it fairly early. The living room is coming along a bit faster now, so the after pictures will be coming in the not-so-distant future!

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