Dream Houses and Mid Century Couches

You know how sometimes a tornado rips through a home and leaves some walls standing but rips others clean off? That’s….okay, that’s not what the living room looks like right now, but close enough.
So. While the room has no floor other than a subfloor, is missing a couple walls, has no ceiling, and has lights held up by bungee cords, I shall retreat into another version of reality and look at a few dream rooms. Rooms that do have all necessary walls.
I would totally buy a couch in that color. Wowzers. And that WALLPAPER!? Are you kidding me? I love a good wallpaper, even if I am too cheap to actually pay what a lot of places want for gorgeous wallpaper.
Pink couches for the win. That’s too fancy to call a couch. Davenport. A pink davenport.
I’ll be over here designing my dream living room in my head for the next month until the actual room is finished. Don’t mind me.
See you later!

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