Public Service Announcement: Clean Your Leather!

That is an ambiguous title. But it sounds better than ‘Oil Yer Boots!,’ so it stays. Remember to clean your leather!

Whether you use mink oil, saddle soap, or a fancy leather conditioner, get it done. (Obenauf’s is my favorite; I’ve gone through 3 jars of the stuff. And that’s also an affiliate link FYI.)

The clean boot is on the right, and you can see what a difference it makes in the condition of the leather. Leather needs moisture and protection; after all, it’s still skin. Regularly cleaning and oiling leather will keep it from drying out and will extend its life. I prefer buying leather over PU or vinyl, as I personally feel the quality and longevity is better. But when you buy leather, keeping it clean and protected from water is just part and parcel of the upkeep involved.

Early spring is the perfect time to clean up leather shoes – whatever product you use will help repel water and will keep the shoes looking nice and clean through all those puddles.

I’m currently using saddle soap, and it couldn’t be easier. It takes less than 5 minutes per pair of shoes, and it’s a wax-on, wax-off procedure. Seriously. Also, saying ‘waaax on, waaax off,’ to yourself while cleaning the shoes makes it more fun.

The clean boot is on the right in this picture as well. Which reminds me that I never did a post specifically dedicated to these amazing boots. MUST DO.

I still have to clean my handbag (yes, bags need it too!) and another coat. And another few pairs of boots. I didn’t want to mention more shoes because it’s beginning to sound like I’m a shoe whore. But the truth doth sting, I suppose.

See you later, and oil yer leather!

2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Clean Your Leather!

  1. Thank you for your public service announcement. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't even thought about oiling my leather lately although I do seem to remember oiling leather boots once upon a time. Thanks, I needed the kick in my non-leather pants.

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