Knitting: The Katniss Cowl

When I saw ‘Catching Fire’ I was surprised to see a lot of knits and hand-woven wardrobe pieces. My absolute favorite is this cowl-thingy that Katniss wears. No clue what it’s actually called, but it’s amazing. It’s a knitted cowl. A knitted Katniss cowl. Sure.

After seeing the movie I went home and searched Ravelry, and of course there were already a bunch of patterns available for the cowl. Those Ravelry knitters are on point. I cobbled together two different (free!) patterns, and here is my result.

My camera was being an absolute douche-canoe while taking these pictures, which accounts for the general scowly-ness of my face.

My cowl is a simplified version of the one in the movie. It’s made of just 3 pieces – identical back and front pieces, and the cowl. More elaborate (and accurate to the original) patterns are available on Ravelry, I just didn’t want to go through quite that much effort. (Story of my life.)

This was not a difficult  knit per se, but if I never have to knit the herringbone stitch (that’s what the body pieces are done in) again I will be totally alright with that. I knit this using super-bulky yarn and it is heavy. Also very warm, but heavy.

This knit was mostly done while watching ‘The Forsyte Saga.’ I don’t know how I feel about it, as it’s rather depressing, and my shorthand for ‘I’m going to watch another episode of ‘The Forsyte Saga’ was ‘I’m going to go watch Damian Lewis act like a dick.’ I’m not finished with it yet, so time will tell if it becomes less depressing.

See you later!

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  1. Looks like you were inspired with another fancy knitting project. Bet you learn something new with each project. But, even better than that, it looks like some of your snow is actually melting!

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