On a Wednesday Morning

I’m putzing with black and white photos.

The kalanchoe is blooming. 

The seeds, which I started way too early and are now rather unruly, are growing. 

Some of us are sleeping. 

I’ve run out of yarn for my newest knitting project (of course) and all the local stores are out of this particular yarn (of course) and I had to order it online. Impatiently waiting for that to get here. 

I’m having leftover kaiserschmarrn for a late breakfast. With a latte. I’m in a race with myself to see whose arteries clog the fastest.
But that’s okay, because today is the first day in a week or so that’s going to be nice enough to take the dog for a long walk. Snow is dripping off the roof, and here’s the real kicker:
The chicken has been laying eggs. I repeat, THE CHICKEN HAS BEEN LAYING EGGS. 
Spring is coming. It’s taking it’s own sweet ass time, but it’s finally coming. 
See you later!