How High is the Snowbank, Mama?


I finally get a picture of a crow and it’s by accident, on a g.d. snowbank. 

Anyway, there’s this particular stretch of highway near my house that always has crazy high snowbanks on the one side. When I was a kid I just couldn’t get over it because if you were riding in a car, you couldn’t see over them. They haven’t been that high in years. 
Oh wait, until this year, that is. 

I’ll try to stop complaining about winter now. But I make no promises. 

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “How High is the Snowbank, Mama?

  1. Do you make bets for picking the date the last of the snowbank will finally melt? Or will it actually melt before additional snowfall next winter?

    1. There is a car dealership a few hours away that put a car on top of a 20 foot snowbank and the person that guesses the correct date all 4 tires hit the ground gets a prize or something. Rates of snowbank-meltiness is quite a hobby.

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