Get the Look: Antique Iron Beds

When it comes to antiques some of my all-time favorite things are old metal or iron beds. A particular favorite is old hospital beds. And dangerous, infant-head-squishing cribs. And day beds. Really, any sort of bed-like thing that is made from metal. I’m not picky.

When we redid the bedroom floor I had one of my We Might As Well moments. As long as the floor is being replaced we Might As Well replace the bed. Our bed was one that my husband built out of rough lumber (oy vey) when he was still in high school (oy vey again) and it was time for an upgrade.

I had visions of this in my head:

I’ve found a few bed frames in local antique stores but they are always painfully out of budget. I started looking online and found quite a few that look vintage or are straight-up reproductions. The beds I have listed below hit most price points, from higher end to very affordable. 
On the left is the Sena from the American Iron Bed Company. Nice, and comes in 40 different finishes.
On the right is the Brunswick, also from the American Iron Bed Company. Gorgeous, but outta my budget. 
On the left is the Tristen from Beyond Stores. Very classic. 
On the right is the Coleman Bed from Pottery Barn. I am in big licky love with this one. 
On the left is the Kensington, available on Amazon. Personally I think this one looks like a hospital bed and is therefore perfect.
On the right is the Manila, available on Amazon or for a bit cheaper from Walmart.
In the end I did manage to make up my mind and purchased the Manila. IT HAS BED KNOBS. (It was also well within our budget, but that’s less important than BED KNOBS.)
I’ll show you what it looks like in situ  next week. Hopefully.

See you in a few days for Photo Friday!

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  1. You won't even recognize your bedroom once the transformation is complete. Can't wait to see the final pictures.

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